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For Advocates and Businesses

San Antonio’s future will be shaped by the support of today’s families. We must ensure that there are options that empower our workforce and spaces for every child in need of high-quality education.

Explore research, policy updates, and best practices to invest in young minds and strengthen communities.

The Best Place for Working Parents®️ offers a competitive designation that recognizes innovation across the top 10 research-backed family-friendly workplace policies. Businesses can qualify to become a Best Place for Working Parents®️ by taking the first-of-its-kind business online self-assessment.

Contact us if you would like to:

  1. Set up a time to talk.
  2. Have Early Matters to present to your organization about early childhood – current state, challenges, and opportunities, please contact us.
  3. Partner with a Center – if you or your business is interested in partnering with a local early childhood center.

For Educators & Providers

When our early childhood professionals are high-quality, well-resourced, and sustainable, we know that our children and their families will thrive. 

Early Matters San Antonio is dedicated to supporting educators and providers by sharing information and making connections that help their professional development, which in turn will help young learners become a well-rounded, active future workforce.

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For Families

Everything we do through Early Matters is ultimately for the benefit of our children and their families. Their voices are critical to our work, and we are committed to reach our goals through efforts that are informed by their experiences. Help us make early childhood stronger through this resource network.

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