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Our Vision

All children in San Antonio experience high-quality early learning and development, creating a powerful future for themselves, their families, and the community.

Our Mission

Ensure access to high-quality early learning and development for every family by catalyzing the power of people, partnerships, and investment to make San Antonio the best place in the country for families’ economic mobility.

Structure and Support

Early Matters San Antonio convenes partners across the early childhood ecosystem to dramatically increase access and quality for our earliest learners. As the backbone for this body, we ensure that our partners align on common goals and a coordinated, strategic approach to system improvement. 

Our work lifts all boats and, in partnership with the Early Matters Board and Partners, includes actions that:

  • Guide vision and strategy—Co-create and drive the shared vision and strategies to realize the goals.
  • Support aligned activities—Facilitate systems alignment and communication, advancing the roadmap through project management and regular partner gathering that solves challenges and celebrates wins.
  • Establish shared measurement practices—Ensure that success is defined and progress is trackable, making the work visible to enable leaders at all levels to leverage strengths and address gaps while continuing to build engagement through transparency.
  • Build public will—Build momentum to support quality, access, and affordable early childhood learning and care. Outreach focuses on building engagement and support among the business community and civic leaders to create the conditions for effective advocacy.
  • Advance policy—Combine the support of business and civic leaders, the broader public, and partners to advance policy that strengthens quality, access, and affordability in early childhood learning and care. We engage at the agency, city, county, and state levels to pursue early wins and transformational policies.
  • Mobilize funding—Ensure that all sources of funds and investment are aligned and leveraged to maximize quality, access, and affordability; and increase investment when and how appropriate through policy, government grants, or fundraising.

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